The HD Lab is the only program of its kind.  The global city, Las Vegas, becomes an extension of the lab for students, faculty, and community partners interested in collaborative explorations in design research with leaders in the hospitality industry.  Advanced studies and dissemination of design research take the HD-Lab to major tourist destinations and smaller community engagements around the world.

Hospitality is the driving force of Nevada’s #1 industry, and Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world.  Globalization brings opportunities to translate best-practices in design from “The Strip” to travel hot-spots around the planet.  It also invites a critical look at architecture’s role in creating environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable futures here in the Mohave Desert and across Mother Earth.  Hospitality design focuses on the human experience and has the capacity to fundamentally affect change in human perception, behavior, and cognition.


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