This collection aims to highlight the knowledge generation from the studio over the past decade. As past archives are added, new publications from future classes will also be made available. Every year, each emerging professional in the HD studio produces a design thesis book chronicling their research and design processes and architectural outcomes. The works are developed under the guidance of Associate Professor Glenn NP Nowak, AIA, and are informed by the constructive criticisms of numerous faculty and countless industry professionals to whom the School of Architecture is sincerely grateful. Las Vegas has attracted architectural researchers for over half a century, and the continued strength of academic inquiry within the field is credited, in large part, to the graduates of the Hospitality Design Concentration. The beginnings of this collection showcase the benefits of being embedded in the entertainment capital of the world. The opportunities of learning from Las Vegas are compounded when the city becomes an extension of the classroom and design research questions truly become an extension of the city.

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